Saturday, July 20, 2013

New Steeda rear X-brace

I installed the new Steeda X-brace.  I still need to trim the panels but this should give you an idea of how it will look.  I removed the polished Steeda plate and painted it textured black so it blended better.  Fitment is great and I installed it myself in about 30 minutes.

There are a few reasons I went with this brace over the Boss 302 brace available through Ford Racing Performance Parts (FRPP).  First if function.  In my opinion, the Boss 302 brace is marginally functional at best.  It does not tie in the rear shock towers nor is it made of anything substantive.  Second, the FRPP brace does not allow you to retain the rear seat.  Third is price.  The FRPP brace is over $1,000.  The Steeda brace is $299.  Fourth, ease of install...the FRPP is not quick to install.  

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